Beyond the commercial textbook:
your own is better

Lawrie Hunter
Kochi University of Technology
at kochi-tech dot ac dot jp

Read online /download the 1.1MB powerpoint

Thanks to the great developments in personal computing in the past decade, it is now possible for every self-defined instructor to author print language learning materials which are at least as good as those available commercially. As well, after a relatively short learning period, one can develop a very comfortable level of skill and efficiency in composition and in computer use.

Lawrie Hunter, professor at Kochi University of Technology, is co-author of Critical Thinking (Asahi Press, 2001) and the author of Thinking in English (Kochi University Press, 2004, 2nd ed. 2005). He has been authoring his own language learning materials since he began teaching ELT in 1982, and he is still learning.