Hunter's English study files

Themes for technical English self-study

1. Vocabulary

-learn by reading
-remember: phrases are important vocabulary, not just words

2. Sentence combining

-avoid repeating the same sentence pattern
-avoid repeating a phrase again and again
-learn all the conjunction types

Web resources

Sentence combining: conjunctions

Sentence combining: conjunctions (web resources)

3. Technical English genres and their structure signals

Description, Classification, Comparison, Sequence, Cause-effect
-learn the words and phrases which signal each structure.

You can print these files out and use them for your practice. Free!
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se email Mr. Hunter at
lawrie_hunter at kochi-tech dot ac dot jp

or visit Mr. Hunter in his office, A453.

Description (easy): myself
Description (easy): my hometown
Description paragraph how-to
Description error rewriting practice
Description: sentence combining: the PlayStation 2

Classification paragraph how-to
Advanced classification paragraph

Easy comparison exercises
Easy comparison exercises 2

Comparison writing exercises
Comparison writing exercises: pie graphs

Sequence: the 4 genres (study page)

Line Graph speaking practice

++(you should know all of the above at the end of 2nd year++

4. Structure of a research paper

5. General -> specific (and vice versa)

Introduction (general to specific)
Conclusion (specific to general)

6. Registers: Casual tech English vs. Formal academic English (FAE)

Casual tech English is used in discussions, presentations and magazines.
FAE is used in research papers.
We should not mix these two registers.



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