The expanding palette: Emergent CALL paradigms
Lawrie Hunter, Kochi University of Technology

Antwerp CALL Conference, August 2006

In the past ten years, the personal computer has evolved from an exotic, out-of-reach luxury to a ubiquitous, indispensable personal tool. In Japan in 1995, the CALL lab was an essential component of university advertising; in 2005, labs are being questioned in terms of need and effectiveness. At the same time, almost all second language students in Japan are extensive users of ICT in one form or another. It is important to consider how the nature of the second language learner is changing, how language and communication are evolving, and how technology itself is changing in quantum fashion.

Egbert and Petrie (2005) "Call Research Perspectives" points to a need for a broader framework which gives consideration to sociological, cultural and cognitive factors would be beneficial for CALL design. This paper surveys some relevant domains and lays out a "paradigm palette" for the exploration of paradigms for CALL design.

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