About this web site

This site is a hands-on tool for me and my students and other ESL/EFL learners/teachers.
The intention is that every tool inside the site is signalled, and can be grabbed, from the home page.

I like the idea of the web site as a cultural planetarium,
where student and teacher can look at the universe of English together.

I also like the idea of the web site as a linguistic fishbowl,
where my students (and colleagues) can observe my English culture based behavior,
and can infer so much about how English works
by seeing the L2 equivalent of something they know in L1.

Certainly Spanish web sites have helped me so much in these two ways
with my attempts to deepen my knowledge of Spanish. Viva el red!

I have tried to keep files small for those with slow providers.
I have tried to keep page designs small for those with small monitors.
I have tried to keep information structures well signalled by using lots of signal words.
I have tried to keep reader cognitive load down in the interest of more reading and less escaping.

Please send me feedback about this site: email lawrie_hunter at kochi-tech.ac.jp

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